Join me as we take a 40 day Lenten journey with Jesus and the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon saints to the cross. We will join with saints you may already know and perhaps we will make some new friends from the Communion of Saints along the way.

Each day there will be a short introduction to a Celtic or Anglo-Saxon saint along with a Meditation to nourish us on our Lenten journey.

If you would like more in-depth information on a certain saint that you read about, you are invited to visit my other site, Celts to the Creche (a 40 days of Celtic Advent devotional) at http://www.saintsbridge.org.

May this Lenten pilgrimage with friends all over the world and friends on the other side of the veil prepare us to not only accompany Jesus to the cross, but also to experience resurrection  and fresh new starts in each of our lives.

A Celtic Prayer for Pilgrimage

God be with us at each stop and each sea;

At each lying down and each rising up;

In the trough of the waves;

On the crest of the billows;

Each step of the journey we take.


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